Why We are Homeschooling

Any time people ask us about our kids and when their going to start kindergarten, we tell them that we are homeschooling them. There is always a moment of silence as their brains try to process this unfamiliar term. Then come the questions. Since it’s become such a common conversation we decided it would be a good topic to do a video on.

Lately, it’s taken center stage as our kids are nearing the normal school age. We’ve pretty much settled on the idea of homeschooling, but we are still looking into different methods. The one that has really spoken to us is “unschooling” which causes even more questions to arise. So here it goes…

Why Homeschooling

Over the past few years we’ve pondered up a handful of convincing arguments for why we want to homeschool our children.

  • We feel it unnatural to have children only to send them away for the entire day.
  • We know from experience that children learn best from living.
  • We believe that “parents are the primary educators” of their children.
  • We want faith in God to be central to their daily lives.
  • We think kids should be able to freely explore the world around them and not be forced to sit in a desk and read textbooks.
  • We know that every child learns differently and at their own pace.

Parents are the primary educators in the faith. Together with them, especially in certain cultures, all members of the family play an active part in the education of the younger members.
General Directory for Catechesis

A Lifestyle of Learning

We’re not experts. We aren’t teachers. In fact, we still learning. Right now we’re still doing research to figure out how we want to implement homeschooling in our household. We have read and are planning to read many books on the topic of homeschooling. We went ahead and compiled a list of those books here for your convenience. You can purchase these books on Amazon if you’re interested. If you use the links below we’ll get a small commission from each sale which doesn’t cost you any extra, but we much appreciate.

Books We’re Reading or Have Read on Homeschooling

Videos that Inspired Us to Look into Unschooling

More to Come

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive explanation of what homeschooling is all about and we plan to continue sharing from our own personal experience as time goes by and also to recommend different resources that we come across on the journey. So check back often and see what’s new in the Homeschooling department. As always, your prayers are much appreciated!

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