Unboxing Usborne Books

We love getting packages in the mail. It’s like Christmas! Today we open a box from Usborne Books & More, a publisher of some great children’s books. What we love most about the books we’ve purchased from them is that they are interactive and the boys love reading them. It makes reading fun for them.

Perfect for Homeschooling

The catalog of books at Usborne is extensive! They’ve got books on every topic you could imagine. Our boys love to learn about space lately, so we’ve picked up books like Sun, Moon, and Stars and 100 Paper Space Ships to Fold & Fly and the boys love them!

As homeschoolers our goal is not only to teach our kids certain topics, but more importantly to teach them how to learn. And if they don’t enjoy reading than that will make things difficult for us, and for them as they grow. Usborne books are the perfect resource for homeschoolers and we highly recommend them!

How Usborne Works

Usborne is a direct sale publisher which means you won’t find their books at the bookstore or even Amazon. The only way to get the books is through one of their consultants. Our friend happens to be one of these consultants and she hosts these awesome online book parties every few weeks through Facebook. They are interactive and informative and at the end you get to purchase books, often times at discounted prices. And if you stay for the whole event you’ll also be entered into a raffle!

If you’re interested in joining one of these book parties, let us know via comment or email us at ricky@thejones.life and we’ll get you connected.

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