Our First Date – Reminiscing on the Romance

We were in Phoenix recently for a wedding and after Mass we went outside to take pictures with the newlyweds and realized that we were right across the street from the place where we went on our very first date almost 12 years ago! Join us as we reminisce on the romance of the good ‘ol days.

Homemade Bird Treats – Birdwatching for Beginners

What better way to learn about birds than to get up close and personal with them. We’d always enjoyed them from afar, but we wanted to bring them closer for a better look. That’s why we made some homemade bird treats with the boys with a special appearance from our God daughter Maya!

Wedding, Sex, and Serving God [Episode #003]

On this third episode of the live stream we answer questions about our recent video on natural family planning, our review of Disney’s latest Beauty and the Beast, the importance of communication in marriage, plus everything else we’ve been up to lately including serving on three retreats in one week!

Natural Family Planning – Why We Don’t Use Contraception

Even before we got married we decided that we didn’t want to use any form of contraception including condoms or birth control. Our OB-GYN looked at us like we were crazy when we told her we didn’t use birth control. Many people feel the same. In this video we sit down and talk about our choice not to contracept and explain our reasoning. We also explain what we do instead of contraception, which is the hidden art of natural family planning.

All Things Lent, Our First Fish, Good Beer, and Plans for the Live Stream [Episode #001]

On this first episode of The Jones Life LIVE! we talk about all things Lent and what it really means for us. We share what we’re giving up for Lent as well as our hopes for the season.

The boys just got their first fish and their super excited! We also talk about a few of the different events coming up for us as well as our plans for the weekend and why we started this live stream.

A Walk in the Park

In our culture we tend to spend all day indoors, shut up in our spaces, but there is so much beauty all around us. We challenge you to make it a habit to get outside as a family as often as you can! And driving doesn’t count! Speeding along at 45 mph you miss all the small things. When you’re walking you will notice so many things, you will meet people, you will feel better. We promise!

Feeding the Hungry: Living Out the Corporal Works of Mercy

Once a month our family has committed to make sack lunches for the homeless in our parish community. It’s actually part of a service our Church offers every day to make sure that these people are being fed. They know that they can come to the parish office for lunch everyday. That’s one less meal that they have to worry about.

Our Family’s Favorite Apps

The internet brings the world to us in powerful ways, allowing us to explore whatever interests us. In this video we each reveal our top 3 favorite apps as well our kid’s favorite 3 apps!