Dealing with Disappointment [Episode #006]

We all are faced with disappointment throughout our lives. On this episode of LIVE with the Joneses we talk about dealing with disappointment. We share some of our own personal experiences facing disappointment, as well as share some ideas for overcoming it. Plus a review of a powerful movie we watched this week and an example of disappointment from the life of Jesus.

Kids & Classical Music – Homeschooling Kids with Music

We all know that music is important for the growth and development of our kids, but it’s also fun! Even before they are born they can hear and feel music in the womb before they can see. Good music has a way of moving us the way no other thing can—emotionally or physically.

Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Classical Music

Of course there are all different types of music, but we feel it’s important to introduce our kids to classical music and in this video we show some tips or strategies you can use to do the same.

Marriage and Parenthood: Thriving or Just Surviving? [Episode #004]

Believe it or not this week’s topic all came from a fish. On our first episode of the live stream we shared that we had just bought the boys their first pet fish, a small betta they named Kai. We bought him some food and put him in a fish bowl. But after a few days we knew we were missing something. He was surviving, but definitely not thriving.

This reflection applies to marriage and parenthood as well. And in this episode we talk about the primary purpose of marriage and parenthood. When it comes to marriage and parenthood are you thriving, or just merely surviving?

Unboxing Usborne Books

We love getting packages in the mail. It’s like Christmas! Today we open a box from Usborne Books & More, a publisher of some great children’s books. What we love most about the books we’ve purchased from them is that they are interactive and the boys love reading them. It makes reading fun for them.

Our First Date – Reminiscing on the Romance

We were in Phoenix recently for a wedding and after Mass we went outside to take pictures with the newlyweds and realized that we were right across the street from the place where we went on our very first date almost 12 years ago! Join us as we reminisce on the romance of the good ‘ol days.

Homemade Bird Treats – Birdwatching for Beginners

What better way to learn about birds than to get up close and personal with them. We’d always enjoyed them from afar, but we wanted to bring them closer for a better look. That’s why we made some homemade bird treats with the boys with a special appearance from our God daughter Maya!

Wedding, Sex, and Serving God [Episode #003]

On this third episode of the live stream we answer questions about our recent video on natural family planning, our review of Disney’s latest Beauty and the Beast, the importance of communication in marriage, plus everything else we’ve been up to lately including serving on three retreats in one week!

Natural Family Planning – Why We Don’t Use Contraception

Even before we got married we decided that we didn’t want to use any form of contraception including condoms or birth control. Our OB-GYN looked at us like we were crazy when we told her we didn’t use birth control. Many people feel the same. In this video we sit down and talk about our choice not to contracept and explain our reasoning. We also explain what we do instead of contraception, which is the hidden art of natural family planning.